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The GraceNet directory is a list of churches in the British Isles where the Bible alone is the basis of their faith and practice and which preach that salvation is by God's "free grace", through Jesus.

GraceNet Directory

uk bulletList of churches in the British Isles
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Churches overseas

world We have been asked by churches outside Britain if they can be added to the GraceNet directory. Only a basic directory can be maintained for overseas churches.
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Church Associations in the British Isles

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Additions to GraceNet Directory

All Reformed Evangelical churches in the British Isles are welcome to be listed in the GraceNet UK directory, so if your church would like to do so and you are in agreement with one or more of the statements of faith shown, please follow the link below to the submission form.

bulletChurch details submission form (or to update details)

Overseas churches should not use the submission form above, but should use the form below.

bulletOverseas Church details submission form