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We are a group of pastors and Christian workers drawn from different backgrounds and denominations but united in our recognition that the church in the UK is in a desperate state. The spiritual climate of the UK church is such that Christians, especially Christian leaders, would rather 'sit on the fence' than speak out against unbiblical beliefs and practices.

We believe that spiritual discernment is at an all-time low and that there is an urgent need for many in the church to contend for the faith. There are issues to be grasped and teachings to be exposed but with grace and love in defence of Christ's church. Such principles undergird all that CRN has been set up to do.

It is our aim to provide quality news and investigative analysis of developments within the professing church. Busy pastors and Christians desiring to be better informed are often unable to devote the time they would like to following new trends and developments. CRN hopes to meet this need building on and complementing the excellent work which others are doing.

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